About Joining the Society

Why joining the Society is a good idea?

Interested in collecting Revenue material? Then this Society can offer numerous ways to help you set on the right course.
We have 350+ members in 40 different countries. Our members collect/research Revenue material and are willing to help/guide any new member starting to build a collection.

The Society also supports in many other ways: –

  1. Free library service. Hundreds of books and catalogues to choose from.
  2. Quarterly journal including free advertising for members.
  3. Twice yearly specialised auction.
  4. Financial help with displaying revenues at National and International events.
  5. Financial help and support with writing books and catalogues.
  6. We hold 6 meetings a year (3 room meetings in London and 3 virtual meetings).
  7. Contact with collectors across the world.
  8. Supporting the work of the society to promote revenue collecting.