And The Winner Is …

The postal auction (no 18) is now complete. All realisations can be seen in the document in the members area (under Auction). Many people might be keen to get their eyes on the list of unsold lots, this is also available on the website (in the documents section, under Auction).

Meetings Update

The locations and future meeting dates of the Society have been booked as follows (please note the change of venue for the September and November 2019 meetings):  At Spinks Auction Rooms 1st June 2019 (10.30 am – 5 pm) At the new premises of the Royal at 15 Abchurch Lane, London EC4N 7BW (nearest...

Auction – Revenue Society – 18th May 2019

The catalogue for Postal Auction 18 is now available and can be downloaded by clicking this link. The auction closes on Saturday 18th May 2019. Should you wish to bid on any item then this can be done by email to If you prefer to place a postal bid then please use the...

British Commonwealth

The 10th Edition (2019) of “British Commonwealth Revenues” by J Barefoot is now available and can be ordered from his website. This is an extensive update (502 pages) is is probably the last edition to be in one volume. Of particular interest will be India, Pakistan, Palestine and South Africa but Abu Dhabi to...

Auction – Maresch & Son – June 2019

In June 2019 we will be auctioning the Revenue Collection of Mr W Apalt. The Collection includes a draft of the Catalogue he authored with most of the Original stamps. Latvian Municipals, Russian & German Occupation & Eastern Europe as well as hundreds of documents”

Bangkok 2018 Results

The results of Class 9 Revenues section (5 Frames) were as follows: Ian McMahon – AustraliaQueensland Revenue Stamps Score 88 Award Large Vermeil Jukka Makinen – FinlandThe Rouletted Revenue Stamps 1865 & 1866 of Finland Score 93 Award Gold Vincent Ong – SingaporeEvolution of Tax Stamps in the Cape of Good Hope up to 1910 Score 85 Award...

Newspaper Tax

The Society has published a new 80 page full colour book on the subject of GB Newspaper Stamps. It has been nearly four decades since Chandler & Dagnall’s defining work on GB newspaper tax stamps, and high time for a reappraisal, this new book from the Revenue Society looks at the stamps’ collectability today.Copies...

Auction results

The Society Auction on 3rd November was a huge success with over 70% of lots sold and realising £13,900.  The list of unsold lots can be found here: Unsold Lots The list needs to be read alongside the catalogue (for detailed descriptions)

New reference work – Hungary

A fantastic new reference work has just been donated to the Revenue Society reference library. This is a high quality, detailed and extensive publication that provides a catalogue function with reverence material. We hope to have a more detailed review shortly. Contact fistaco on his gmail address (

Society Auction

Our Annual Society Room Auction Will be held on Saturday 2nd November 2018. The Catalogue and Bid form is now available
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