Revenue Links   

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Philatelic Societies

Cinderella Stamp Club

Channel Islands Specialists' Society

The American Revenue Association

State Revenue Society

The India Study Circle for Philately

Haiti Philatelic & Revenue

Scandinavian Society for Japanese Philately


Stamp Dealers and Trade Sales
 Eric Jackson Revenue Stamps

ESJ van Dam Ltd

Steve Zirinsky

Murray Payne

Revenue Man

Friemerka Stamp Dealer

John Barefoot

Clinton Goslin

HH Sales Ltd

Vera Trinder Ltd

Auction Houses






Specialist Revenue Links

FTP Revenue Commission

Telegraph Stamps

Books on Philately

British Library Philatelic Collections 

Forbin Catalogue at Revenue Collector 

Hong Kong Security Markings Study Group 

Court Fee & Revenue Stamps of The Princely States of India

New Zealand Revenues 

Netherlands Revenues 

Russian Revenues 



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