New Book – India tax

We are delighted to announce that a new reference has been created. Indian “Entertainment Tax and Passenger Fee” has been researched and compiled by Ian Matheson & Andrew McClellan. This informative and beautifully produced publication can be downloaded by clicking this link

Updated files

Several files have been updated in the members area principally the books that we have for sale to members, the detailed list of the principle articles in each edition of The Journal and our programmes list.Books For SaleThe Journal IndexProgramme

Journal Dec 2020

The December edition of the Revenue Society Journal is now available in the members area of the website or by clicking this link.The Green Pages (Newsletter) can be downloaded by clicking this link

Journal for June 2020

The Revenue Journal for June 2020 is now available on the website amongst the topics covered are: The Card and Dice Office – Evasion of Stamp Duty in the Early 19th Century Gieseche and Devrient Revenues for Siam Greece Cigarette-Paper Tax Revenues Die Proofs of the GB Unappropriated Revenues Part 1, KGV Hong Kong...

Journal for March 2020

The latest Revenue Society Journal is now available. This issue contains 36 pages of information covering revenue related items from around the world some of which simply isn’t available anywhere else. The journal is online. You can access it by browsing all of the journals in the members area (it is number 120 –...

December Publications

The Journal and newsletter are now ready in the members area for you to enjoy. The journal is Volume 30 Issue no 3 and contains articles on Fishing Licences, the First United States Revenue , Canadian Cannabis, 1904 Driving Licence, and Tea Clearing House stamps amongst other. This is the linkThe Newsletter for December...

British Commonwealth

The 10th Edition (2019) of “British Commonwealth Revenues” by J Barefoot is now available and can be ordered from his website. This is an extensive update (502 pages) is is probably the last edition to be in one volume. Of particular interest will be India, Pakistan, Palestine and South Africa but Abu Dhabi to...

Newspaper Tax

The Society has published a new 80 page full colour book on the subject of GB Newspaper Stamps. It has been nearly four decades since Chandler & Dagnall’s defining work on GB newspaper tax stamps, and high time for a reappraisal, this new book from the Revenue Society looks at the stamps’ collectability today.Copies...

New reference work – Hungary

A fantastic new reference work has just been donated to the Revenue Society reference library. This is a high quality, detailed and extensive publication that provides a catalogue function with reverence material. We hope to have a more detailed review shortly. Contact fistaco on his gmail address (
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