The Revenue Society Library

Bulletin of the Fiscal Philatelic Society, 1908-28 (reprint edition) + Cum. Index
Collecting & Displaying Revenues, Akerman, 1995
†American Bank Note Company Archive Auction, Christie's RL, 1990
Die Proofs of Waterlow & Sons, Fraser & Lowe, 1985
†De La Rue History (almost all postal), Easton, 1958
FIP—various documents issued by Martin Erler, 1990s
†Guidelines for Successful Exhibiting, Rapkin, 1991
National PS Centenary Handbook, 1999
†Perkins Bacon Records (2 volumes, almost all postal),de Worms, 1953
†Postage Stamps in the Making Vol I, Melville, 1916 †—, Easton, 1948
Sir Daniel Cooper Lecture Guide, Ryan, 1996
Telegraph &c Stamps of the World, Hiscocks, 1982

Auction Catalogues

Barefoot Auctions

Robson Lowe Revenue Sales
—GB & British Empire (Thill), May 1972
—GB Revenue &c (Berlin), March 1974
—British Empire (Berlin & Turner), March 1974
—Overseas (Berlin & Turner), July 1974
—GB & British Empire (Hilchey), September 1974
—World (Hilchey, &c), November 1974
—World (Hilchey), April 1975
—World, October 1975
—World, April 1976
—World (plus Cinderellas), September 1976
—GB Revenues (plus Cinderellas), September 1976
—(Revenue section from General sale), March 1977
—Stamps of the World, with Chandler/Turner GB Revenues, June 1988

Van Dam
(One or two—mostly Canada material)

Warwick & Warwick
General Sale with Revenue section, December 1998

Revenues, Caso, 2000

Argentina Buenos Aires 1944-70, Berisso & Fernández, 1998
Buenos Aires Province & Municipalities, Akerman, 1994
Catamarca to Corrientes, Provinces & Municipalities, Akerman, 1999
Entre Rios to Neuquen, Provinces & Municipalities, Akerman, 2000
Guía Visual del Papel Sellado de la República Argen -tina, Pezzimenti, 2000
Guía Visual de los Sellos Fiscales de la República Argentina, Pezzimenti, 2000

Australia Commonwealth, Craig, 1986
New South Wales, Peck & Smith, 1999 (2nd Edn)
†Queensland Proofs, Elsmore, 1988
Queensland Revenues, Craig, 1982
Tasmania, Craig, 1997
Telegram Forms & Envelopes (2 Vols), Hancock, 1991
†Western Australia, Dzelme, 1987

Austria Austria-Hungary Military Border Revenues, Erler, 1997
Documentaries &c, Erler & Hagen Vol I, 1986
Municipals, Erler Vol IV, 1985
Provinces and Municipals Part I, Erler & Tkalcsics Vol III, 1986
— Part II, Erler & Tkalcsics Vol II, 1979

Baltic States
Baltic States Revenues, Barefoot, 1998

Benelux Revenues, Barefoot, 1987

Catalogue, Erler, Mrdja & Tkalcsics, 1997

Catalogo Enciclopedico de Sellos de Brasil… (revenue section), RHM, 1999
Federal, State & Municipal Revenues, Barata, 1985
O Imposto do Sello no Brasil, Curado, 1998

British Commonwealth
Revenue Catalogue, Barefoot, 2000
—, Barefoot & Hall, 1986

Telegraph and Revenue Stamps, Davis & Meech, 1998

†Standard BNA Revenue Catalogue, Lowe, 1952
Van Dam Catalogue, 2000

Cape of Good Hope
Display Handout, Indhusophon, 1999

Fiscal & Telegraph Stamps, Crofton & Jones, 1911

†Communist China 1929-55, Padget, 1986
People's Republic, Paau, 1987

The Flora of the Ottoman Empire, Xanthakis, 1997?
Revenue Stamps of Crete 1975-1913, Papaioannou & Feenstra, 1997

Revenue & Railway Stamps, Gottsmich & Erler, 1976

Denmark Catalogue, Poulsen & Nelson, 1989

Dominican Republic
†Revenue Stamps, Hilchey, 1968

Revenue Stamps, Olamo, 1994

†Catalogue of Revenues, Feltus, 1982

Finland & Åland Revenue Stamps and Stamped Paper, Saarinen & Smith, 1998
Revenue Stamps, Olander & Ittel, 1969

Alsace-Lorraine, SFPF, 1993
Catalogue, Yvert & Tellier, 2000
Fiscaux, Locaux & Speciaux, SFPF, 1990
Papiers…de Dimension 1791-1959, SFPF, 1992

French Colonies
North Africa & Middle East, Abrams, 2000 (2nd Edn)
Sub-Sahara, Abrams, Janton & Duston, 1987

German Area
Bavaria 1957 Issue, Backmund & Erler Vol IX, 1982
Bavaria Stamped Paper, Erler, 1988
Colonies &c, Erler & Norton Vol II, 1996
Court Fee Stamps from 1945, Erler & Norton Vol VII, 1981
DDR/SBZ, Erler Vol XII, 1993
—Beitrags und Spendenmarken, Schlegel, 1996
Deutsches Reich, Bundesrepublik, Erler & Norton Vol I, 1992
Deutschvölkischen Bundesmarken Vol I, Schönweiss, 1983 Danzig, Memel, Oberschlesien, Erler & Norton Vol V, 1995
— Supplement, 1995
Federal Republic Xmas Seals, Erler, 1993
Freight Stamps, Parcel Stamps, &c, Erler & Jünke, 1998
Kurhessen, Erler, 1992
Mecklenburg-Schwerin Stamped Paper, Erler, 1990
Municipals: Berlin, Erler Vol XI, 1990
—General Municipal Fee Stamps, Erler & Norton Vol X, 2000
—Saargebiet, Abrams, Erler & Norton Vol XIII, 1991
—Stuttgart, Erler & Jaedicke, 1983
—Würzburg Street/Bridge Taxes, Erler, 1975
Municipal Fee Stamps, Erler Vol XVIII, 1999 (separate volumes for F, G, H, I-J, K, L, M, N, O, P-Q, R, S, T-U-V, W, X-Z)
Nazi Party and Sub-organisations, Erler, 1995
Occupation Issues 1914-19, 1939-45 & 1947-51, Erler & Norton Vol VIII, 1996
Old States to 1945: Anhalt to Kurhessen, Erler & Norton Vol III, 1991
Old States to 1945: Lippe to Württemburg, Erler & Norton Vol IV, 1992
Prussia Stamped Paper, Erler, 1988
Saargebiet, Erler & Norton Vol VI, 1981
Social Insurance Stamps LVA Provinces, Erler Vol. XIV, 1994
— Issues from 1923 on, Erler Vol XV, 1994
— Saargebeit, Erler Vol XVI
— Danzig, Memel, Upper Silesia, Bohemia & Moravia, Ostland, Erler Vol XVII
Westphalia Stamped Paper 1807-13, Erler, 1997

Great Britain
Alnis Handy Guide, Relbmar, nd
Brighton & Hove 1998 Exhibition Catalogue &c
†Catalogue UK, Islands and Eire, Booth, 1991 (not available for loan)
Catalogue, Fiscal PS, 1909
Channel Islands, Simpson, 1997
Congress Handbook, London 2000
Creating a Good Impression (Stamp-office history), Dagnall, 1994
De La Rue Revenue Heads, Mansfield, 2000
Ex Luce Lucellum (Match Tax), Dagnall, 1993
Handbook, Lundy, 1894
Impressed Duty Stamps, Schonfeld, Barber & Brown, 1998 (3rd Edn)
Judicial Stamps, Akerman & Booth, 1996
KG VI Unappropriated Dies, Booth, 2000
Newspaper & Almanac Stamps, Chandler & Dagnall, 1981
†Nyland on Stamp Duties, Holbrook, 1963
Playing Cards 1711-1960, Berry, 2000
†Revenues, Barefoot, 1989
†Revenue Compendium, Barefoot, 1981
Road Tax Discs, Champion, Hitchings & Brice, 2001
†Robson Lowe Encyclopedia Vol 1, 1952
Stamps which caused the American Revolution, Koeppel, 1976
Taxation of the Printed Word, Dagnall, 1999
Watchdogs' Tales (District Audit Office), Davies, 1986

1971-90 postal issues, Revenues, Stamped Paper, &c, Andrews, 1991
Postal use of fiscals & vice versa, Andrews, 1971

†Checklist of Revenues, Dalsimer, Lloyd & Jeannopoulos, nd

Hong Kong
†Fiscal Stamps, Huygen, 1979

Hungary (see also Austria)
Guide to a Display, Ryan, 1999
Handbook of Hungarian Revenues, Flóderer, 1990
Revenues, Barefoot, 1987
Stamps Printed in the State Printing House to 1914, Gábor, 1996

†Court Fee & Revenues of the States Vol I, Koeppel & Manners, 1983
†— Vol II, 1989
Memoranda on the Indian States, Indian Government, 1938

Indices &c
Cinderella Stamp Club Library List, 2nd suppl. 1991
Cumulate Index to Bulletin of FPS (1908-28)
†Riley's Fiscal Philatelic Literature Handbook, 1997
(not available for loan, but stocked by many literature dealers)
The Monographs and Catalogues on Revenues in the Munich State Library and Martin Erler Libraries

Draft Catalogue, Lucas, 1998
(book wholly in Arabic), 2000

Iraq Catalogue, Ross & Powell, 1998
Influence of Bradbury Wilkinson, Lowe, 1984

Catalogue section, Booth, 1990

†Wallenstein Catalogue of Israel & Palestine, 1987

British Occupation of Italian Colonies, Erler, 1980
Cambiali D'Italia 1860-1984, Geminiana, no date
†General Revenue Catalogue, de Magistris, 1986
Un di… paghero (Bills of Exchange), Geminiani, 1994

Hand Engraved Revenues, Furuya, 1998
Standard Catalogue, Shimonura, 1981

Leeward Islands
Adhesive Fees Stamps, Toeg, 1991

Adhesive Revenues, Erler, 1981

Catalogue, Lapas, 1971

Revenue Stamps, Stevens, 1979

Revenue Stamps, Abrams & Janton, 1988
Stamped Paper and Adhesives, Massler, 1996

Draft catalogue, Nathan, c. 1990
Revenues, Seals & Cinderellas, Birks, 1998

Ottoman Empire—see Turkey

†Wallenstein Catalogue of Israel & Palestine, 1987

Telegraph Stamps, Ross & Brid, 2000

†Catalogue Vol I (proofs + 19th century), Moll, 1991
†— Vol II (20th century), Moll, 1992
Memoires of a Philatelist, Moll, 1997

Revenues, Barefoot, 1998

Selos Fiscais de Portugal e Colónias, Barata, no date

Revenue Stamps Catalogue, László Erós, 1995

Guide to Revenues & Cinderellas, Alnis, no date

Danish W Indies, Faeroes, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Nelson, 1983

Adhesive Revenues, Erler, 1992

Revenue Stamps, Erler, 1977

South America
†Catalogue, Morley, 1901-4

South-west Africa
Revenues and non-Postal Stamps, Jacobson, 1990

College of Notaries Stamps 1787-1862, Carreras & Monge, 1925

Charta Sigillata, Joos, 1997

Confederation, Cantons and Communes, Gainon, 1995
Catalogue Vol III (with postal cancels), Kelly, 1999 (3rd Edn)
Kantone & Gemeinden, Vol IX—Bern, Kelly, 1998

Tonga & Niuafo'ou
Revenue Stamps, Zirinsky, 2001

Revenue & Telegraph Stamps, Drysdall, 1995

Revenues of the Ottoman Empire & Turkey, McDonald, 1998

United States
Beer Stamps, Priester, 1990
Intro to [US] revenue Stamps, Castenholz. 1994
Match & Medicine Stamps, West, 1980
Private Die Propriety Medicine Stamps, Griffenhagen, 1969
Replating the 50c Civil War Conveyance Stamps, Rorer, 1980
Revenue-Stamped Documents of the Civil War Era, Mahler, 1999
Revenues, Auction Catalogue, Siegel, 2000 (Zoellner/ Tolman collections)
Second Federal Issue, Combs, 1988
Stamps which caused the American Revolution, Koeppel, 1976
State Revenue Catalog, Hubbard, 1990

Fiscal Stamps, Spajic, 1968

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